Sunday, 5 August 2012

I'm Back

Well i have no excuses other than I've been busy.
I  promised i would keep you informed regarding my new hobby. My ever so relaxing marine fish tank.
If I'd known how expensive this new hobby would be i probably wouldn't have started it but thankfully my husband has paid for most of it.
Right we now have 8 fish, four shrimps and four hermit crabs. The crabs have been the most destructive by eating the coral which is very expensive.
I enquired at the pet shop about the crabs eating our coral and he had never heard of crabs eating coral so he seems to think we have either crabs with attitude or they are stressed. Stressed crabs !!!!! what have they got to be stressed about, anyway I've posted some more photographs.

All the coral  and rock is live. When the light is turned off the coral shrinks.

These are cleaner shrimps very amusing to watch as when we add food they do alittle dance across the sand.

Here's two of the troublesome crabs lol x

Take care and keep crafting x

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