Saturday, 28 October 2017

Christmas Wreath part 2

Hi again, this was my second Christmas wreath class.  Another fab day and lots of time to chat and of course for my ladies to eat cream cakes. 
Here are the ladies in action . 
We had a new lady Gwen who had never crafted before, but she took to it like a duck to water.  Thoroughly enjoyed this class, lots of laughs . Look forward to seeing you all soon love Julie xx

Friday, 20 October 2017

Christmas Wreath. .

VGood afternoon, I have just got home after a fab class with some hilarious ladies. 
          Today we made a Christmas wreath made from curled paper. It's quite a stunning wreath once completed but lots of prepping work for me lol. In this group I had to cut 10550 pieces of double sided paper. My next class I will need to do triple that amount. 
Here's the wreath the ladies were making . 

This wreath is very easy to make , round flat polesterene wreath . Curl all the papers quite tight into a curly moustaxhe shape. Pin or fit glue on wreath , alternating direction and filling in gaps. If glueing make sure you add glue to paper not wreath as it tends to melt wreath. 
Here are my lovely ladies at work. 

Of course they all look so studious  for the camera lol. Cream cakes and drinks went down well. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks ladies for a fab class. Take care keep crafting xx

Friday, 15 September 2017

Two Tier gift box class

Hello everybody hope you are fit and well.
          Today was the first of my two tier box class. I shared these boxes in my last post , super cute and so easy to make. 
The ladies who joined me today completed the projects with no problems what's so ever. Here are a few action shots ..... 

After  the workshop I then went to the relaunch of craft shop Serendipity.  I was asked to do a stamping and stenciling demonstration.  Champagne flowed  and the relaunch was very successful. 
Anyway now time to spend some time with my daughter who has come over from England to see me. Take care and keep crafting xx

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Cute gift boxes, mini bath bombs or chocolate.

Good Evening, hope you are all fit and well.
Weather cooler now so this month I start my classes again. I thought I would slowly drag the ladies towards Christmas  with a cute little gift box. 
I love these boxes they open up to show two tiers ideal for small gifts or chocolates.
The blue box holds mini bath bombs which I picked up from Gladrags Boutique were I live. 
The Christmas box holds quite a few chocolates, I've done alittle research and it holds 8 of my favorite chocolates Ferro Roche lol. 
I'm holding two classes this month the 29th is full but I still have a couple of places for the 15th September. Hope to see you soon take care xx

Friday, 28 July 2017

Shaving foam part two

. What a brilliant afternoon we all had. 2nd class using shaving foam and hair gel , I can now share the cards. 
Sorry the pictures aren't very good , but the ladies all enjoyed the class.
During the class I tried to open a new gel bottle, how do manufacturers expect people with any dexterity problems to open these bottles. I struggled and ended up flinging huge blobs onto poor Mo, one of the craft ladies pictured below.
Of course action shots of the ladies ...... I love crafting with all the ladies great fun. 
No classes in August as it's just to hot ,so next get together will be September. Take care and keep crafting love Julie xxx

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

What would you use shaving foam and hair gel for?

 Hi everyone, hope you are all well. 
Spain is super hot at the moment, which apparently is quite unusual for the his time of year. 
Normally I would cool down in the pool but my husband drained it to do some repairs, I just hope he gets it finished before August. 
Lovely class on Friday. I demonstrated the shaving foam technique and hair gel
I demonstrated this classic England about five years ago and it always has the wow factor. 
The Ladies enjoying their icecreams  it was such a hot day .
The shaving foam is so easy but effective. On a tray or paper plate spray a good amount of shaving foam. (Not shaving gel) then using reinkers drop several colors randomly on you smoothed out shaving foam. With the end of a paint brush or cocktail stick swirl the ink around until you have a random pattern. 
Place a piece of white card onto your shaving foam gently pressing down making sure the whole area is covered . Lift the card off and scrape  the excess foam off then pat dry with kitchen roll. It leaves the most fabulous  marble effect . This is a great technique for background papers. 
We then used a tree stencil and made another background.
I will explain hair gel in my next post as I have another class on Friday, so will share pictures of cards made. Please leave a comment would love to hear from you. Take care and keep crafting love Julie xx

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Ice cream and crafts

 Hola hope you are all fit and well.
         The weather here in Spain is exceptionally hot for June, thank goodness for aircon.but that didn't stop us crafting.they all made a gorgeous framed picture from card .

I love making these so simple , they make fabulous gifts. I'm going to make some for Christmas presents.... Sorry I mentioned the c-word .lol. 
The ladies did very well considering it was so hot. 
I normally bring cream cakes to the class but because of the heat I spoilt them with ice creams . 
Here are the ladies in action. 
 Take care and keep crafting xx

Friday, 21 April 2017

Gift bags

Hi hope you are all fit and well. I've had a couple of classes this month where we made two gorgeous little gift bags. Similar method  but one had no cutting but the smallest bag had alittle cutting. 
Some lovely new ladies who did very well. 
Here are a few bags I made , they are quite sturdy . The smaller one is made from designer series paper. This bag takes a small candle or sweets. 

Here are the ladies crafting and eating cream cakes  lol.....
All the ladies dId exceptionally well, sorry forgot to take photo of cakes but they didn't last long. Lol
Anyway got to go , cards to make for tomorrow's market. See you all soon. Take care and keep crafting Julie's