Wednesday, 16 March 2011

New Recruits

Good Morning, Sorry its been so long since i blogged. Unfortunately i purchased a new computer which has given me more problems than its worth but hopefully after four and a half hours in PC world and a change of Internet supplier we are now working,

Some really exciting news i have signed up my first recruit, if you read my blog you will have seen a picture of the lovely Jackie holding the gorgeous Marni. Once Jackie is up and running will let you know her blog name so you can watch her thrive and I'm sure make her business a success. Thanks Jackie xxx
I've decided to call my developing team Julie's angels my husband thought of the crafty grafters but this seemed alittle bit to much of a mouth full. If you would like to join my developing team please contact me    Anyway bye for now and my thoughts and wishes are for those in Japan, we all wish for different things, more money, to be thinner better holiday's  faster cars but they have nothing not even loved ones where do they begin!!!!!!!

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