Saturday, 26 March 2011


We displayed our boards which gave the crafters some ideas of what could be made with some of the gorgeous stamping up products.

We decorated small notebooks and  small bars of chocolate which i think look so cute.

     These are some of the ideas Angela came up with from the nursery sweet papers, I'm afraid i cant lay claim to any of these, they are all Angela's ideas aren't they great.

Hi everyone, well its over our very first stamping up craft extravaganza , it was a huge success. The day was exhausting but very fulfilling and everyone claims to have had a brilliant day and most of the ladies are booked up for the next one which will be held in July. please contact me if you would like details


  1. glad all went well jules all looks fab
    hugs sara x x

  2. Thanks for the help with the card candy Jules, hopefully will get it sorted out very soon!!

    kelly xx

  3. Hi Kelly, im having problems with my blog so hopefully you will get this message. The ruffle flowers are madefrom the gorgeous seam bindig from the new mini catalogue. Punch a circle of card and a length of seam binding. Pull a single thread from the centre of the ribbon and pull it should ruffle up gorgeous then i just tombo glue to postion it on the card as a flower. Hope this helps take care jules x