Tuesday, 25 July 2017

What would you use shaving foam and hair gel for?

 Hi everyone, hope you are all well. 
Spain is super hot at the moment, which apparently is quite unusual for the his time of year. 
Normally I would cool down in the pool but my husband drained it to do some repairs, I just hope he gets it finished before August. 
Lovely class on Friday. I demonstrated the shaving foam technique and hair gel
I demonstrated this classic England about five years ago and it always has the wow factor. 
The Ladies enjoying their icecreams  it was such a hot day .
The shaving foam is so easy but effective. On a tray or paper plate spray a good amount of shaving foam. (Not shaving gel) then using reinkers drop several colors randomly on you smoothed out shaving foam. With the end of a paint brush or cocktail stick swirl the ink around until you have a random pattern. 
Place a piece of white card onto your shaving foam gently pressing down making sure the whole area is covered . Lift the card off and scrape  the excess foam off then pat dry with kitchen roll. It leaves the most fabulous  marble effect . This is a great technique for background papers. 
We then used a tree stencil and made another background.
I will explain hair gel in my next post as I have another class on Friday, so will share pictures of cards made. Please leave a comment would love to hear from you. Take care and keep crafting love Julie xx


  1. Love the shaving foam technique. Don't know the hair gel one. Look forward to finding out!

  2. PS Have you tried leaving the foam for a while and putting your card on, gives a different type of effect, also glistens when done with Gillette shaving foam.

  3. Yes , I tried leaving the foam , but for the class I needed something instant. We also have to work a little quicker as its so hot and everything dries up quicker. Thank you for for your comments Anne I'm very grateful. Xxxx