Friday, 7 April 2017

Floating Teacups

Hola hope you are all stocked up well with Easter eggs. I love Easter egg chocolate, and especially cream eggs. My lovey friend sue has brought me 24 cream eggs from England , I'm trying not to eat them and to use them in my craft projects buts it's so hard lol. 
Anyway wanted to have a challenge so decided to make a floating teacup, I'd seen several on Pinterest but wanted to make mine alittle more unique . I decided to make my first one using parchment . 
I've recently just purchased the Tina Cox flower plate , so I colored my own parchment paper using dorso  crayons and essential oil . 
It was time consuming but loved the intricate cutting and embossing. 
Loved how this turned out. So delicate.
I then made another one with stunning red roses. Hope you like them take care and keep crafting. Julie xx

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