Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Candles galore

Good afternoon, 
         Hope you all had a fab new year. We certainly did ,last guests went around 3.30am.
It wasn't the party I expected. Everybody was well behaved and no trouble. (a little disappointing really I took the carpet up expecting dancing  and lots of alcohol to be consumed lol). New Year's Day we slept then had a lovely evening meal at a friends home, proper roast potatoes .......
Well today I've been catching up on a few candles as I'm running low. Some ew quotes and some old favorites, 
I love candles , the Spanish don't use candles the same as us British . Once they light a candle they don't put it out they just let it burn, whereas we relight. 
 Still loving my parchment and have a few cards to show you In my next blog. Take care and keep crafting Julie xx

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