Sunday, 15 May 2016

Details of classes. Snakes and Centipedes

Hi everybody. Hope you are all well. 
      Eventful day my husband found our first snake which apparently after researching by our neighbor is called a ladder snake.
Omg  it was scary although it didn't show any reaction to us I must admit I was petrified. Lol.  Just as that left our garden we then found  this 
Horrible centipede which is called a Megarian Banded Centipede. This centipede has venom but won't kill you unless you have a bad reaction. I don't know which is the scariest. 
Anyway back to my blog post. My next class in living design will be 25th May 1-3pm. If you would like to attend please contact by either by email. ... Tel. 616605400 or Facebook  Julie McCartney . Hope to see you there . Take care and keep crafting Julie x

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