Monday, 25 January 2016

Gardening in Spain


Good evening, just a quick email today.
If your new to my blog , I love crafting but last year I moved Spain. This blog is to keep my friends updated and to post my crafty makes.
We have a really big garden and decided today we would make a start and make it ours. We went to the local garden centre and bought some trees and potted plants.
The garden already has some well established palms and climbers. Pomegranate trees run along the periphery of the property by the pool. So we decided to plant a clementine and nectarine trees.
I love geraniums and daisies so to add alittle colour we purchased some of those. 

We named the nectarine tree Nigella and the clementine  Charlie. 
Pictures  of the pool I've planted some large daisies in the pots  near the fence but pictures don't do them justice. 
Anyway got to go and tend to all my scratches from cutting down the bougainvillea. Take care Julie xx

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