Sunday, 29 January 2012

Springtime Blues Workshop

On Saturday we had our springtime blues workshop, we had a fabulous day.Thought i would share some photographs with you all.
The lady in the jacket(Kath is a newbie with jean in the middle) they enjoyed the day so much they have booked their places in March's workshop and also received 10% of their next stampin up order.Margery on the end decorated a linen bag for her granddaughter and made a fantastic job of it.

Michael is always a joy to have at a workshop with his Aunt Sandra.

Here's Ann in the checked shirt and Angela on the end. I must apologise to Angela i called her Joyce most of the day, I'm going to make her a name badge so that i don't forget.

Two Sue's having a very serious debate " tombow glue or double sided cellotape"

Sorry pictured alittle blurred but i love the look on Dee's face (lady in the middle).

Sharon and Ann come to all my workshops they just would'nt be the same without them, although they both can be quite rebellious at times. Sharon in the purple makes all my cakes for my classes and workshops.

I'm not quite sure whats happening here but Jocelyne looks like a naughty school child with teacher looking over.....

 Jocelyn is  newbie crafter and made a fabulous job of the 4 drawer box project.

 Another two fabulous ladies with their completed projects fantastic.............

    Don't the cakes look gorgeous unfortunately i couldn't eat them but non were left at the end of the day.
Thank you Sharon your a star.

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